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A minimum amount of gear is needed to train: IFAK, camelbak, boots, camo shirt/pants/hat.

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Learn and new skills: medical, land navigation, bush-craft, communications, shooting, moving as a team.

Types of training offered

We are driven by continuous improvement to ensure we are ready for anything so we can help our community.

Being a state wide organization, TSM proper is a large group of great people (men, women, and children) from diverse backgrounds. We get together at the smallest local level to train as a team frequently. Each company meets at least once a month. The larger unit gathers for extended training a couple times each year.

At each of these gatherings we are training one another on small unit tactics, medical preparedness, living off the land, shooting acuracy, convoy maneuvers, radio communications, message encryption, camoflauge, constitutional law, and much much more. All of these topics are taught, trained, and reinforced in each of our interactions.

This enables us to support our mission of "Preserve. Protect. Defend." We want to ensure our members are able to preserve their freedoms and rights, protect their person family and community, and if need be be ready to defend all of the above.

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We perform training for many types of activities to ensure we are able to provide support for our community.


We require that all members be qualified in tactical combat casulaty care (TCCC).


Tactical shooting, three gun, IDPA, USPSA, and long range precision shooting - we cross train on it all!


Living off the land, hunting, trapping, fire, water purification, survival skills.


Land navigation, map reading, troop maneuvers, convoy operations, communications, field procedures.


Floods, fires, storms, tornados, displaced citizens, structural damage, riots, food banks, and more.


Rain collection, farming, hunting, aquaponics, permaculture, livestock management, gardening.

Popular Training Courses

Missing fundamental skills? Check out our courses below and get some training.

Bush Craft

Trainer: "Hatchet"


Trainer: "Hatchet"


Trainers: "Eagle" and "Doc"

Small Unit Tactics

Trainer: "Hatchet"

What People say

Boy scouts for men!

I have learned so much with this group. I'm prior military and have done a lot of training. These guys take their training very serious. Communications, bush craft, marksmanship, and more. I have learned a lot here.

John Smith


Getting back to what I Love

Former Army Ranger here! I loved all the training I used to do with my prior unit. Joining this unit has enabled me to continue learning new skills (which I love). But I have also been able to teach the unit some of the things I picked up at my units. Fun!

Andrew Sumner


Sharing what I know to help my community

As a former Austin PD Officer turned paramedic that now flies with a local life flight service - I wanted to serve my community in additional ways. Training with TSM allows me to put my medical skills to good use.

Ron Hoss


Serving God in many ways

I am a former soldier turned pastor. What better way to serve than training with a group of people interested in protecting and help their community members in times of strife.

Peter Kelner